Case Studies

Case Studies

Bega River Catchment, Australia

Practical application of the River Styles Framework as a tool for catchment-wide river management: A case study from Bega catchment, New South Wales, Australia

Dr Kirstie Fryirs and Professor Gary Brierley

ISBN 1 74138 153 3
© 2005 Macquarie University

The River Styles Framework and principles of fluvial geomorphology have been published in a book (in 2005) by Gary Brierley and Kirstie Fryirs. The book is titled “Geomorphology and River Management: Applications of the River Styles Framework” and is published by Blackwell Publishing. This e-book is designed to be a companion piece to that book, demonstrating how the principles of fluvial geomorphology and the River Styles framework can be applied in its entirety to provide a geomorphic template for river management.


Download chapters in PDF:

Link Chapter 1: Introduction and background to the River Styles Framework

Link Chapter 2: Practical considerations to be resolved when applying the River Styles Framework

Link Chapter 3: Baseline survey of river character and behaviour in Bega catchment

Link Chapter 4: Practical considerations for application of the River Styles Framework in Bega catchment

Link Supplementary file: Bega River Styles Proformas

Link Chapter 5: The evolution and geomorphic condition of rivers in Bega catchment

Link Chapter 6: The future trajectory of change and recovery in Bega catchment

Link Chapter 7: River management applications and implications for Bega catchment

Link Chapter 8: Implementing river rehabilitation strategies in Bega catchment that work within the River Styles Framework