River Styles is a world-leading approach
to geomorphologically-informed river management

Published with the Australian River Restoration Centre:

‘Respecting River Diversity’

Kirstie Fryirs, Gary Brierley and Simon Mould

Experience the extraordinary diversity of Australian river systems and learn about how the River Styles Framework enables science-informed river management practices that respect river diversity.

Access the article here (Open Access).


Published in Nature Communications:

‘Engaging with research impact assessment for an environmental case study’

Kirstie Fryirs, Gary Brierley and Thom Dixon

This article tracks the impact of the River Styles Framework in Australia and internationally and outlines an innovative way of mapping the impact of research over time.

Access the article here (Open Access).


kilometres of stream length assessed using River Styles

Used and applied on six continents

unique River Styles identified internationally

A suite of training and accreditation options available

for domestic and international river management practitioners

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