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River Styles Resource Hub

The River Styles framework has been supporting river management decision making since the mid-1990s, growing and evolving in response to the latest science and needs of practitioners. There is now a wealth of information and experience available to support those developing and using River Styles in river management. The River Styles Resource Hub is a directory providing access to this material, which includes River Styles reports, case studies, scientific articles and examples of application of River Styles in river management decision making. Please use the links below to access this ever-growing collection of useful resources.

River Styles Case Study Reports


River Styles Reports cover Stage 1 of the River Styles Framework (catchment-wide survey of river character and behaviour). These reports are assessed as part of the process for Provisional River Stylers to become fully accredited in the River Styles Framework. The examples here are provided to demonstrate the scope and structure of a River Styles Report (also see report guidelines on the courses page). They will be particularly useful to river managers who want to learn more about how to apply River Styles in their catchments.


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Textbooks produced to support users of the River Styles Framework and required for participation in training courses.


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Peer-reviewed articles and book chapters


The River Styles Framework has featured in a large number of research publications since its early development in the 1990s. This directory contains links to those peer-reviewed and refereed publications that are particularly relevant to those intending to use the River Styles Framework.


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Fact sheets


Fact sheets about the River Styles Framework, developed for professional and community practitioners.


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