River Styles Case Study Reports

River Styles Case Study Reports

Bega, Australia

River Styles in the Bega Catchment

Kirstie Fryirs and Gary Brierley

Macquarie Universtity, North Ryde, Australia.

ISBN 1 74138 153 3


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Upper Hunter, Australia

River Styles in the Upper Hunter Catchment

John Spencer, Kirstie Fryirs, Dan Keating and Gary Brierley

Macquarie Universtity, North Ryde, Australia.


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Middle Fork John Day, USA

River Styles Report for the Middle Fork John Day Watershed, Oregon

GO. O’Brien and JM. Wheaton
Ecogeomorphology and Topographic Analysis Lab, Utah State University, Prepared for Eco Logical Research, and Bonneville Power Administration, Logan, Utah, 215 pp.


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Waipā Catchment, Waikato, New Zealand

River Styles assessment of the Waipā river catchment, Waikato, New Zealand

Will Marson, Nicole Wheeler, Gary Brierley

School of Environment, The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand for Waikato Regional Council


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Bislak Catchment, Philippines

River Styles in the Bislak Catchment, Luzon, Philippines

Pamela Louise Tolentino, John Edward Perez, Esmael Guardian, Richard Boothroyd, Richard Williams, Trevor Hoey, Carlos Primo David

University of the Philippines and University of Glasgow


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Sabarmati Catchment, India

Geomorphic characterization of a seasonal river network in semi-arid western India using the River Styles Framework

Sonam, Vikrant Jain, Kirstie Fryirs, Gary Brierley

Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, Macquarie University, University of Auckland


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Twin Streams, New Zealand

Implementation of the River Styles Framework in the Twin Streams Catchment in West Auckland, New Zealand

Helen E. Reid, Claire E. Gregory, Nadine C. Trahan and Gary J. Brierley
School of Geography, Geology and Environmental Science
The University of Auckland

ISBN 978-0-9582805-3-2


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