Geomorphic Unit Quick Reference Guide

Geomorphic Unit Quick Reference Guide

Geomorphic units are landform-scale features reflecting formative processes that determine river structure and function. The assemblage of geomorphic units present in a river section are integral to interpretation of river character and behaviour in Stage 1 of the River Styles Framework.

Using this quick-reference guide

The geomorphic units listed below are common examples that you may encounter in the field. The list is intended to help with consistency of geomorphic unit description but is in no way exhaustive. The River Styles Framework is an open-ended approach, with emphasis placed on allowing rivers to ‘speak for themselves’. You will likely encounter geomorphic units that are not listed here, and are encouraged to describe the form-process relationships that you observe in the field rather than picking from the list.

Please click on the geomorphic units listed here for more information about their form-process relationships .

In-channel geomorphic units

Floodplain geomorphic units